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Campaigns That Rock: Why Microsites Are Taking Over Social Media Marketing

Microsites are here to stay, and the values are a #DREAM for marketers. If you don’t know what a microsite is, it’s all in the title: it’s a smaller website, completely separate from your main portal, usually dedicated to a specific campaign or marketing call to action (CTA).

Why have a microsite? When you have a campaign on your main site, it tends to get lost in the action—after all, you have features, products, services, and other things that you want your audiences to follow through with. Having a separate, smaller site allows you to let your creative flag fly, creating a snazzier, more focused pathway to your campaign’s specific CTA.



But Zoolander is right. There IS more to a microsite than just aesthetics. Here are several more reasons why microsites are rapidly growing in popularity.

Top Benefits of Microsites

1. They’re more likely to attract ‘untouched’ or unknown audiences.

Microsites are often tied to ‘fun’ or ‘news-breaking’ type campaigns, which act as lures to bring in audiences outside your everyday scope.

2. They give people a focused path to your campaign’s CTA.

Microsites let you isolate your campaign from the rest of your website and to block out any distractions, like extraneous links or forms.

3. They allow you to get creative.

No navigation or site ‘restructuring’ issues involved.

4. They can create a WHOLE LOT of brand buzz.

Especially when it comes to media attention, a well-done microsite can attract the type of excitement that generates higher coverage and social media shares.

5. They let you collect precise data around your consumers.

By isolating your campaign, you capture cleaner data that’s specific to your campaign audience and separate from your general web traffic.

6. They allow for personalized remarketing.

With cleaner data, you can be more strategic about how you remarket to campaign leads and can offer promotions that are more relevant to their specific interests.

7. They allow for easy, instant optimization.

Unlike your main website, which likely involves many more players and restrictions, a microsite gives you the freedom to perform various tests (whether it concern the copy, imagery, or site structure) based on what you observe throughout your campaign’s lifetime.




Yet….seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Actually, not so much. Attaching a whole website to a single campaign used to mean the whole marketing gang had to get on board to develop and launch. But with the emergence of microsite technology services, many brands have been able to strategize, build, and go live in a matter of weeks or even days—with very little manual work required from their side.

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This simplified process has yielded some amazing marketing campaigns. Check out a few social media microsite campaigns that have knocked it out of the park.

Top Five Microsites

1. Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star

You may have heard of this iconic contest—but have you ever seen it like this? Macy’s and iHeart spun up this stunning voting site for their annual talent contest. This dynamic microsite not only allowed fans to vote for emerging music stars, but to also instantly purchase clothing that contestants modeled. Compared to the previous year, the contest generated 43% more votes and 450% more social media engagement.


Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star Contest with Zoomph


2. Nationwide’s Paws and Racing

Junior Nation (fans of former NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.) went wild over this contest, which inspired them to upload photos of their pets for a chance to meet Earnhardt and his dog, Gus, in the flesh.

Nationwide created this highly-focused microsite to showcase contest rules in a fun way. It also served as a voting platform, making it easy for fans to participate and for Nationwide to get in front of quality pet insurance leads. And yes, the results were pretty remarkable: twice the number of votes than normal, and enough data to retarget customers with hyper-personalized ads.

Dale Jr. Nationwide "Paws and Racing" with Zoomph

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

The Odell Beckham Jr. interactive timeline is the coolest thing since, well, Odell Beckham Jr. Branded by the New York Giants, and dedicated to this unstoppable rookie of the year, the Giants made headlines with their powerful page called “The Catch.” And between incredible imagery, videos, and even celebrity Tweets, it’s hard to choose what they did best.




4. Adbowl

There was a LOT going on in this year’s Super Bowl. But let’s be real: a huge part of us are there for the commercials.

Mckee Wallwork and Company felt the same way, and decided to build a real-time campaign around the advertisements we love to love. By taking a step back from the athletics, McKee Wallwork carved out a niche of media interest, while showcasing cool countdown stats, and even geotargeting the places in the U.S. that were buzzing most over the ad #hashtags. Business intelligence and a portal for fans to engage? Sign us up.




5. Bonnaroo’s The Fountain

We know, this page is “technically” connected to the Bonnaroo main site. But it gets its chops as a microsite by having the full social media integration and powerfully simple CTA that make it capable of being a standalone page.

The Fountain is as focused as it is captivating: it’s a page dedicated to real-time fan content showing LIVE experiences at past Bonnaroo concerts, as well as photos of fans getting amped for this year’s festivities. Tweet, Instagram, or share, the CTA is clear: it’s not just about ticket sales for this page, it’s about the fans and the fun.



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