Our Mission

Zoomph’s mission is to measure and value the digital world


Ali Reza Manouchehri

Chief Executive Officer

Amir Zonozi


Nick Cronin

Chief Digital Officer

Mike Pycha

Chief Revenue Officer

Thomas Mathew

Chief Product Officer

Niky Scott

Customer Success Manager

James Ho

Customer & Product Experience Lead

Lindsey Pacatte

Accounting Manager in Finance & Accounting

Geoff Blosat

Senior Data Analyst

Alexa Schnoor

Customer Success Manager

John Seaman

Head of Engineering

Amanda Gill

Customer Success Manager

Lee Schwemmer

Director of Business Development

Clare Murphy

Customer Success Coordinator

Luke Faizal

Software Engineer

Vicky Castro

Data Analyst

Leo Herrera

Product Designer

Robert Lindner

Marketing Analyst

Kyle Andrews

Director of Finance and Accounting

Scott Lewis

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Andy Polachek

Business Development

Ubayeed Syed

Software Engineer

Devin Naylon

Business Development Representative

Rohan Shrivastava

Associate Data Analyst

Srivaishnav Gandhe

Back-end Software Engineer

Nicholai Goodall

Front-end Software Engineer

Jason Gaines

Senior Account Executive

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