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Our Story

In 2014, our founders created a tool to service clients with dreams of putting real numbers behind social media.

Several beers and dad jokes later, they realized they had something valuable in their hands.

Their scrappy invention didn’t just make it possible to count tweets around a hashtag. It opened the door for real engagement. Engagement that didn’t hinge on random conversation starters or awkward elevator pitches.

But engagement informed by past interactions and social media cues. Engagement that was deeply empathetic to people's interests, feelings, and lifestyles (and maybe their secret obsession with Beyoncé, too).

And so, we created Zoomph—our solution for personalizing marketing and the data behind it, so both brands and consumers can thrive in today’s digital world.

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Our Philosophy

Zoomph helps you understand (and engage) your customers in the context of their daily lives. We’re hardcore believers that with the right data, tools, and mindset, you can form more genuine relationships with the people who keep your business ticking.

Putting People First

The Squad

Ali Reza Manouchehri
Chief Executive Officer
Nick Cronin
Chief Digital Officer
Amir Zonozi
Chief Strategy Officer
Thomas Mathew
Chief Product Officer
Kyle Andrews
Director of Finance and Accounting
John Seaman
Head of Engineering
Jameson Trudel
Senior Business Developer
Zara Machatine
Senior Customer Success Manager
Allison Lee
Marketing Manager
James Ho
Customer & Product Experience Lead
Luke Faizal
Leo Herrera
Graphic Designer
Nicholai Goodall

Open Positions


Full Stack Engineer


Dev Ops Engineer


Business Development Representative


Senior Account Executive


Our Board and Advisors

Albert J. Bartosic
Board Member

Al comes with over 30 years of management experience. He spent the last 12 years as the CEO of Standing Stone, Inc., and has worked in a number of industries, including private equity, financial services, consumer products, technology, and entertainment.

Robert J. Santos
Board Member

Rob brings experience in business operations to the Zoomph team, where he provides direction and support. When not in the office, putting out operational fires, or rolling out the latest process improvements, Rob enjoys spending time with his family.

Gary Voight
Board Member

Gary has over 30 years of experience leading large corporations and industry changing startups. Most recently, he was the President and CEO at CorasWorks Corporation January 2008 through July 2014.

Dennis Ainge
Board Member

Dennis was one of the original principals of TARGUS Information Corp (TARGUSinfo), where he helped to accelerate revenue growth for 18 years. In 2011, the company was acquired by Neustar, Inc., where he served as SVP & General Manager and SVP of Data Strategy.

William O. Hall III

Bill has experience in finance, investment management, business development, and strategic planning. Bill is known for his contributions to sports analytics and wrote "Changing the Game: How to Profit From Your Passion for Sports" (available on

Greg Roberts

Greg is cofounder and Head of Strategic Partnerships & Development at ActionStreamer. He was the former Director of Corporate Partnerships at Monumental Sports & Entertainment and now serves as an adviser at Symphony Investment Partners, as well as Zoomph.

Lewis Shepherd

Lewis Shepherd is a leading private consultant based in Washington DC, serving as an adviser to government agencies and several of the world’s leading tech firms focusing on advanced technologies and cyber security.

Jorge Vasquez

Jorge leads the development team to push the boundaries on Zoomph services, technologies, and overall capabilities. In his “spare time” he runs Marathons, does P90-X and trains for triathlons.