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Zoomph is a Platform for Social Audience Intelligence and Sponsorship Measurement and Evaluation.

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Sponsorship Measurement, Campaigns, and Social Valuation

Let Zoomph help provide a 360⁰ boost to your activations. Zoomph has the capabilities to ease campaign building, track engagement, and measure ROI.

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Audience Insights and Powerful Metrics

Whether it’s new, active, or past, Zoomph will help you understand your audience. Big or small, it’s important to know your brand’s target market. Let Zoomph’s platform dig into your audience and give you the insights you need

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Track ROI and Meet Your Goals

With Zoomph, you’ll understand who you are working with and what your impact is. Zoomph will provide you with the data insights to measure ROI and help you reach your organizational goals.

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Powerful Reports at Your Fingertips

Audience insights to which teams and states have the largest affinity for sports betting

Sports Betting Audience Report

As sports return to play, we analyze shifts in digital and social and how teams are adapting to the ever-changing landscape of fans

A Digital Revolution

Discovering beverage industry insights inside the NWSL and WNBA audience

NWSL and WNBA Beverage Insight Report

As the NBA playoffs begin, we've seen a shift in audience affinity among the fans. In this report, we cover some of those shifts, as well as top teams on social.

NBA Bubble Report
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The New Age of Sponsorship Measurement

At Zoomph we focus on helping you understand your social audience, properties, and fans. Zoomph collects social media data and allows you to go beyond traditional CPM models – unlock the emotions, expressions, and sentiment of your fans and properties.

⇨ Advanced audience research made simple.

⇨ Simple property, influencer, brand management reporting.

⇨ Reporting engine designed by subject matter experts.

⇨ Best-in-class machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Why Choose the Zoomph Platform?

The Zoomph platform offers the tools for getting to know your audience at a deeper level. We do this by delivering six core capabilities – on one platform:

Sponsorship Measurement

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual tagging. Zoomph uses the brand name and logo detection to automate measurement and track data to keep your team focused on data-driven insights and make your partners happy.

Audience Analytics

Access data analytics from our audience database, enriched by data from publicly available sources. Understand your followers for who they really are and what they care about.

Digital Activations

Build engaging campaigns to collect declared first-party data and instantly enrich the value of your followers (Wealth and Purchasing Power) in real-time.

Social Media Monitoring

Real-time reporting and analytics of owned and earned channels for measuring sponsored posts, videos, images, and influencers to measure ROI and the impact of sponsorship campaigns.

Esports Tracking

Zoomph has the ability to provide insights on esports content, including Twitch stream/game analysis and video/image logo detection. Discover audience segments, preferences, behaviors, and more.

Video/Image Detection Tools

Our tools provide you the ability to track videos and detect logos along the way. Accurately find out what brand logos are presented in videos and images and deeper insights they can provide for and your organization.

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