Stronger, Deeper Audience Analytics

Go beyond basic data and understand your customers as real people.

The Problem

Your customers aren’t sitting still. Every day, they’re exposed to countless brands and products online, leaving you with little time to answer questions like:

  • Who’s paying attention to my brand?
  • What topics, values, and people do they care about?
  • How do I build personal connections that can withstand all the distractions and competition?

Introducing Zoomph

The Zoomph platform offers the mechanics for getting to know your customers at a deeper level. We do this by delivering on three key aspects of the campaign cycle:

  • Monitoring: Track trends, influencers, and opportunities for your brand to tap into
  • Activations: Create an experience that incentivizes engagement and returns declared data
  • Analytics: Discover the top interests, behaviors, and personality traits of your engaged audience

Your Competitive Edge

With Zoomph, you can squeeze more value out of every campaign you run.

Gain insights that are unique to your brand, your campaigns, and your customers–and turn acquaintances into loyal customers who feel understood by your brand.

Who uses Zoomph?


Custom research・audience reports・competitive analysis・sponsorship tracking・contests


Social monitoring・social hubs・campaign analytics・influencer tracking・consumer insights

Sports Teams

Social monitoring・live displays・microsites・fan insights・sponsorship tracking

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