Built for Brands, Rights holders, & Agencies Understand your audience & measure your digital impact

Measure Your Earned and Owned Social Content

Collecting both owned and earned social posts, we provide a 360° view of your social media channel performance to help shape and value content and report back to partners.

Understand Your Media Value

Derive the media value for each post using our industry standard values or add your own custom rate cards for CPM, CPE, and CPV.

Utilize Logo and Asset Valuation

To accurately evaluate brand reach and value, our model uses human visual recall by using vision AI to measure five factors that impact recognition and perception, discounting these factors to provide a brand value.

Measure Follower Growth

Track your reach and growth through our follower growth tool and measure your growth by platform on a monthly basis.


Performance API

If you’re looking to optimize your sports sponsorships, Zoomph’s Sports API is the solution for you! Our API provides real-time metrics on the performance of your sports sponsorships, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your sponsorship strategy.

With our Performance API, you can:

  • Get real-time data on the performance of your sports sponsorships across social media, streaming, and broadcast channels
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your sponsorship campaigns and track your ROI
  • Identify and compare sponsorship opportunities with potential partners and competitors
  • Analyze the sentiment and engagement around your sponsorships to gauge audience reactions