Rights Holders

Assess the performance of your social media performance and measure the awareness of your organization.

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Crunching data from multiple social media platforms, Zoomph helps right holders understand their full reach of value through social media. From content performance to sponsor analysis, we help you dissect your analytics and understand the impact.

End-to-end sponsor performance solutions

At a time when more consumers are looking to buy directly from brands, we help brands capitalize on this direct-to-consumer paradigm shift and find success in increasingly competitive markets.

Social Measurement

We provide a 360° view of your social media channel performance to help you shape and value your content.

Brand & Sponsor Analysis

Measure the performance of all your partners, including using our logo AI and asset detection capabilities.

Follower Growth

Track your follower growth by every platform on a monthly basis.

Audience Demographics

Learn more about where your audience is located, their generation, and the gender balance that makes up your audience.


Discover which of our 200+ interests your audience is drawn to.

Brand Affinities

Compare your audience to competitors or industry benchmarks to see which brands your audience has an affinity for.