The Zoomph community spans the world. That’s why we make it a point to highlight the diverse social media trends that matter most to you.

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Zoomph Buzz

Exclusive ZPoints Update: Measuring Influence and more

July 15

Context is everything. Every feature and detail in Zoomph is crafted to engage the people that matter most to you. We are all awar...

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Tears and Beer- Twitter Scores During #BRAvsGER

July 10

The world is still processing the most unexpected turnout in World Cup history. The World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and ...

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#WayfaringLive- ‘Survivor’ Star uses the Power of Social for a 20 day Interactive Road Trip

July 08

What if I told you that someone’s every move is chosen by what is said on Twitter? Inspired by “Choose your own Adventure” b...

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June Release: All New Zoomph Features!

June 19

Parkas and rain boots—out. Instagram and innovation—now those are the kind of trends in June that you care about. That's why w...

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Introducing Zoomph Cast: Revolutionizing Your HDTV!

June 05

Kind of tired of TV's only having one function? I mean come on already, it's 2014! Well hold on to your hats, because Zoomph is pr...

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Social Media Trends

Don't Touch That Remote! 3 Ways to Keep Twitter Followers From Hitting "Mute"

May 21

Every experienced Twitter user knows the feeling: you’re following all the right people, but suddenly your timeline overflows. I...

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Social Media Trends

Small Business Week: Transform Your SMB Into an Instagram Titan

May 15

Happy Small Business Week everyone! As a growing business, your #1 priority is to get new online and foot traffic to your busin...

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