The Zoomph community spans the world. That’s why we make it a point to highlight the diverse social media trends that matter most to you.

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Social Media Trends

Insta-Famous: 5 Instagram Brands You Should Already Have Your Eye On

April 22

You know what demands attention? 200 Million monthly active users and 1.6 Billion Likes a day. Instagram’s platform isn’t just...

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UX Blog: How To Build A Responsive Website Without Breaking A Sweat

April 17

In Part I of our mobile series, we explained how critical it is to make your business’s website mobile-optimized. Since more tha...

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Social Media Trends

The Twitter Trap: Could You Be Spamming Your Followers?

April 15

Are you the kind of person who Tweets a picture of your sandwich? It’s OK, you can tell us the truth. With more than 500 mill...

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Social Media Trends

Prepare Yourself: Twitter Is Changing and You Better Be Ready

April 11

Ah, Twitter, don’t ever change—wait, too late. The social network recently unveiled a brand new design that will change Twitte...

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Social Media Trends

200 Million and Counting: Why Instagram’s Been the Key All Along

April 09

200 million. That’s the number of users on Instagram today: 200 MILLION people. And if you don’t think that’s significant...

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The Real Meaning Behind Tonight's NCAA Championship

April 07

Once upon a time, March Madness was just about basketball and bragging rights. But oh, how that has changed since the growth of so...

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Zoomph Buzz

EVENT WATCH: Red Sox Foundation Blends Tech & Tradition

April 04

Are you part of Red Sox Nation? If you’re like the other diehard fans of the 2013 World Series Champions, you’ve probably noti...

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