The Zoomph community spans the world. That’s why we make it a point to highlight the diverse social media trends that matter most to you.

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Google+ and All New Visuals Announced!

September 12

If you thought our focus on social media marketing had hit its peak, think again. Because we have two words for you: GOOGLE. PLUS....

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People Loved the $#*! Out Of Shark Week.

August 19

Warning! You're about to see some language you wouldn't want to say in front of your mother. Last week we pulled over half a mi...

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Shark Week: Stats Are In, Bragging Rights Delivered

August 18

Shark Week might be dying down, but that just means the final stats are in! Check out which social media marketing tactics created...

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Stats Show Marketers Don't Need A Bigger Boat for #SharkWeek

August 14

While Shark Week kicked off with an average of 3.64 million viewers, social media marketers have really only taken two main approa...

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Social Media Trends

Foursquare Gets Sneaky; People Freak The Heck Out.

August 06

Wow. If you’ve been anywhere on social media today, you’ve probably read some very choice reviews regarding Foursquare’s new...

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Zoomph Buzz

Exclusive ZPoints Update: Measuring Influence and more

July 15

Context is everything. Every feature and detail in Zoomph is crafted to engage the people that matter most to you. We are all awar...

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Tears and Beer- Twitter Scores During #BRAvsGER

July 10

The world is still processing the most unexpected turnout in World Cup history. The World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and ...

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