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Plug & Cast Your Zoomph Visuals with the Zoomph Cast App; Launch Instant Digital Displays to Any TV with a Chromecast
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Today's Most Comprehensive Digital Display App For Social Media

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Sync your Chromecast device and Zoomph Cast app in seconds.

Quick Updating for
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& Events

Select the display of your choice, and hit 'Update' for instant results.

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Chromecast TV

Showcase social displays on-the-go for events, office, storefront, and home.

Choose Any Display
In Your Zoomph Library

Stream any Event Display and Instagram Collage built from your Zoomph Dashboard.
Simple Setup, Extraordinary Experience

Stream And Engage In Three Simple Steps

1. Download The App
Zoomph Cast is available for iOS and Android devices.
2. Connect To Chromecast
Log in with your Zoomph account and sync with your Chromecast Device*.
3. Stream & Inspire
Choose your social display, hit 'update', and watch your story ignite a room.
*Chromecast Device & Zoomph Account Needed To Connect With Zoomph Cast.
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