Sentiment Analytics

Measure your emotional impact.

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Don’t make assumptions from what you see on your timeline. Get a global understanding of social sentiment, and boil down emotions to their authors, causes, and impact.

Gauge in Real Time

Track sentiment around any keyword, hashtag, or mentions of your brand. Zoomph listens for a variety of conversation signals to evaluate whether audiences feel positively, negatively, or neutral to any given subject.

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Identify Key Moments

Track the mood fluctuations of your audience across days, weeks, months, and years. Leverage positive sentiment to strengthen customer relationships, and hone in on negative sentiment to address issues promptly.

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Get the Full Story

Receive an in-depth, contextual analysis of sentiment that goes deeper than surface-level observations. Measure sentiment with consideration to associated content, emojis, and audience demographics.

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Find Sentiment Hot Spots

Not sure where all the positive buzz is coming from? Zoomph provides a sentiment heat map that pinpoints locations with the best promotional opportunities for your brand.

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