Emoji Analytics

Learn the science behind emojis.

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In 2015, Zoomph became the first platform to offer emoji analytics. With the ability to read emojis as its own language, our platform can precisely track emojis across the web and determine which conversations trigger which emojis.

Put Sentiment into Context

Emojis have the power to express feelings that can’t be expressed in words. Our platform helps you decipher meanings that traditional word processors can’t by tracking emoji activity together with sentiment. Tap into social conversations at the deepest level by viewing related emojis, keywords, sentiment, and authors all in one view.

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See Who's Emoji-nal

Emojis are not just an evolving language—but a universal one, too. Uncover the various audiences speaking in emoji. Find out which emojis are preferred by different generations, ethnicities, and affinity groups.

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Compare Top Emojis

Contrast the virality of any two or more emojis. Analyze their reach, velocity, and audience to learn how to optimize your own messaging and predict audience behaviors.

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