Social Media Monitoring

Leverage our Social Media Monitoring to keep up with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & more

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Move with your target audience

Our monitoring tools work seamlessly with our Audience tools so that you can filter results by audience membership and isolate posts by users who fit your ideal customer profile. Keep track of what your consumers are saying in relation to any topic, brand, or trend you decide to track.

Demographics and Sentiment

Discover who’s listening

Measure brand impact across multiple social channels and get a demographic breakdown of your engaged audiences. Stay ahead of sentiment and opinions around your brand or relevant topics, and know when to jump in.

Geo Fencing and Targeting

Be where your consumers are

Connect the dots between virtual and real-world experiences. One global fast-food chain uses Zoomph to geo-fence over 4,000 restaurant locations. This enables them to localize their marketing and improve customer experiences in each area.

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Influencer Discovery and Associations

Spot influencers in the crowd

Tapping influencers can open up a realm of new possibilities. Our tools help to streamline influencer discovery by automatically ranking micro-influencers in your niche. Zoomph now supports Instagram Mentions.

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Hashtag, Emoji, and Link Analytics

Find what drives ROI

Analyze the stickiness of your content via feeds tracking keywords, hashtags, or mentions. View the top words, most-shared links, impression value, and other key metrics that reveal what people love and value.

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