Monitor and Manage your Social Media

Insights for marketing and business intelligence teams to measure social growth and analyze engagement metrics.

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Features for insights, automation, and intelligence

Manage Your Channels

Manage your social media channels from one place. From Twitch to Instagram Stories, see your entire social reporting in one easy view, and deeper into each platform as necessary

Automate Your Tasks 

We make data collection and automation easy. From setting up workflows, tags, alerts, and identify your logos through image and video detection.

Monitor Activities

Monitor and analyze your data and identify the effectiveness and reach of your marketing efforts in real-time.

Audience Insights

Never compromise privacy by leveraging our AI deep mind to overlay social feeds with audience clustering in real-time.

Influencer Activity

Not all influence is created equal. Zoomph identifies influencers contextually relevant to your target audiences and ranks via ZPoints for you to quickly identify influencers in any conversation based off their engagement.

Video & Image Detection

Leverage our best in class artificial intelligence capabilities for image and video logo detection to help report on your brand and partners media exposure . Immediately show ROI in real-time across all of your sponsorships.

Sentiment AI

How did you audience react? Zoomph captures emotional insights automatically through natural language processing AI on the text of every post across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and many more platform.

Privacy by Design 

At Zoomph, we design technology with privacy and policy first. We believe that you can do amazing marketing without compromising privacy and our partnerships.

All your social media data in one place

We provide a seamless connection between all your social media channels. We automatically pull and organize your data in real-time.

“Before Zoomph, we had worked tirelessly to quantify the awareness that our sponsored campaigns were generating from a value perspective.”
Scott Erdmann – Cowboys
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

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