Author Cards and Follower Analytics

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Know your customers as real people.

No two people in your audience are exactly alike. Zoomph Author Cards and Follower Analytics highlight the most defining qualities of a person’s online presence, letting you understand customers outside the context of their transactions.

One dynamic personality card

To earn trust and loyalty, your brand needs to foster authentic relationships that aren't just rooted in money. Author Cards help you look beneath the surface. By crunching billions of data points from social media, Author Cards give you immediate insight into a person's brand affinities, recent activity, and more.

Approach prospects with confidence

Create a feed tracking specific conversations, locations, or influencers on Twitter; Zoomph will automatically generate Author Cards on users involved in the conversation, giving you talking points around their favorite brands and topics. Author Cards will also reveal whether a person has engaged with any of your Zoomph campaigns in the past, so you can gauge their brand familiarity.

Identify key influencers with follower analytics

Get an anonymized report of a person's entire follower list with Twitter Follower Analytics. Learn who they influence by exploring the mutual friends, interests, and behaviors of their followers. Try the free version.

Integrate into your CRM or database

Synchronize Author Cards with records that have properly consented into your CRM, email lists, or marketing automation platform. Check out our data integrations for automatically matching and enriching contacts.