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The Zoomph platform crunches data from multiple sources, using patented algorithms to make sense of billions of data points.

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Sponsorship Measurement

Zoomph's Sponsorship Measurement provides properties and brands the unique metrics, analytics, and automated reporting capabilities to track and measure all relevant social media channels and sponsorship performance from one platform.

Audience Analytics

The digital era begins with knowing who your audience on a human level. Zoomph's audience analytics allows you to explore the minds of your fans, customers, sponsors, and influencers giving you control over how deep you want to go with your research with trust and security.

Social Media Monitoring

Gather customer intelligence in real-time with our robust social media analytics and social listening capabilities. We provide you all the automation from image and logo detection, enterprise search, reporting, and workflow and tagging engine to remain on top of the most important conversations, life events, and other key moments.

Digital Activations

Engage your fans and target customers in a social media campaign or digital campaign that’s made just for them. Zoomph’s social media campaigns and activations let you build stunning social contests, sweepstakes, and other experiential campaigns to collect declared 1st party data while adhering to various privacy laws.

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