Without Fans, NFL Sponsored Activations Insights Report

The NFL is back! This year, the work of digital teams is more important than EVER. And they sure flex 💪.

Here were the top teams on social media by engagement rate during Week 1!

Here were the top teams on social media across the NFL by engagements/post this week.

Top 5 activations Week 1 NFL

The Chiefs were #1 across Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook this week. From leveraging their chance to kick off the season to getting their local community fired up, it was as ideal a start to the season for the reigning champs as they could hope for.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best approach. Whether that be capturing fan emotions with simply emojis & a photo Broncos or using popular GIFs & digital memes that everyone understands, less can be more.

That said, well-made, clean, & vibrant graphics/videos that align with team branding can be worth the investment. From hyping up gameday Buccaneers to celebrating achievements Washington Football Team, these can make timeline scrollers stop very quickly.

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Empowering players on your platform can create a strong message & a way to leverage their personal brand to strengthen yours. Here are some examples from the powerful Titans to the heartwarming Eagles, to the comical Buffalo Bills.

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GIFs on Twitter hit differently when they’re from your own team. Shout-out to the Patriots & Saints for starting their 2020 libraries early!

We are excited for what the rest of the season has in store!