Zoomph Audience Brand Affinities

New year, new decade, and new goals. It’s 2020. There’s no need for surveys or focus groups anymore. Your fans are engaged every day on social, following and engaging with the brands they love and inspire them. Zoomph is ready to help you analyze your fan’s engagement and deliver data-driven insights to your partnerships team to help win partnerships with brand affinities.

Zoomph takes the guessing game out of finding the right partners and understand where brands rank with your fans.

While today’s release includes a new tab for gaming, surfacing endemic brands in the esports industry, Zoomph is always bringing more ways to see who your fans love, through more categories like alcoholic beverage, automotive, and quick service restaurants coming soon.

What’s New:

  • Quickly view which brands your audience has the greatest affinity towards
  • Know the brands that clearly over-index with your fans
  • Identify your team and players fans’ affinities for endemic brands
  • Easily narrate your fans’ affinity growth with your partners

Who’s Going to ❤ this?

  • Help your business intelligence and analytics team by bringing more clarity to your partnerships
  • Enable your sales and prospecting team to drive more value by clearly understanding the brands your fans admire
  • Allow account managers to narrate a better story in how your audience is growing in affinities with current partners
  • For esports teams, line up the best fit endemic and non-endemic brand partners for your fans

When you team up with Zoomph, you get access to a platform that enables the members of your team, across multiple departments, to simply perform better and be smarter. Whether it’s aligning your sales pitches and prospecting better, growing sponsorship, or creating more useful marketing content, Zoomph provides you with the tools you need to make it happen.

To learn more about how Zoomph can provide you with the tools you need to grow your social intelligence, please contact us today and we can get you started on growing your data.