Understanding the Current Broadcast Challenges for Partner and Asset Exposure

Across in-venue advertising, social media, and broadcast, companies are spending more than ever on sports to increase the visibility of their brands. According to KORE in PR Newswire, in 2022, sports-related sponsorship spending increased by +12% for the year. Sports provide the perfect platform for brands to promote themselves, as they can be selective by sport, location, and more to target the exact demographic they want their brand to reach. But what happens after they publish the advertisement? 

In this blog, we will cover the challenges that brands face today when trying to understand and measure the impact of their exposures and the ways Zoomph is easing this process with its broadcast measurement capabilities.

Emergence of New Asset Technology

In recent years, broadcasters and brands alike have evolved the technology behind their asset exposures. For example, the use of dasher boards in the NHL and virtual pitcher’s mound signage in the MLB has allowed brands to have different approaches to advertising, but also for broadcasters to easily change logos and sell more inventory.

When having a partner like Zoomph, you are easily able to stay ahead of these ongoing changes and leverage Zoomph’s current and constantly updating asset library to know how these new technologies are performing and make decisions on whether to invest in them or how to improve their performance. Metrics such as Brand Score, duration, and more help guide these evaluations and maximize investments in broadcast.

Concerns With Capturing Partner Creative

Much like new asset technology, other forms of creative assets are always being presented in broadcast advertising, raising concerns about measuring complete exposure for partners. With alternate logos, special creatives, or new placement, some technology can struggle to capture these unfamiliar creative exposures.

Defined and exhibited technology like optical character recognition (OCR) is a new solution being used by entities and agencies like Zoomph. OCR is a process that processes an image of text into a machine-readable format to scan for brand names or terms to attribute to its respective brand, ensuring all exposure is accounted for. 

Harnessing a Full Omnichannel Perspective

While more properties are adopting the proper social and broadcast measurement partners, there are still challenges, which are also constantly evolving and adapting to the landscape of social and broadcast. 

All measurement companies have unique models based on their respective methodologies, which can become confusing for users who are utilizing more than one tool. This funnels into conflict with effectively reporting on and understanding a complete media value for partner exposures.

Zoomph has attacked this problem for the industry head-on, adding broadcast measurement to its services starting in 2024, to ensure rights holders have a partner to provide omnichannel reporting using a singular methodology for more complete impact reporting for brand partners.

To find out more about how Zoomph is helping rights holders and brands measure their partner success on social media and broadcast, schedule a demo with us today and let’s talk!