NFL Week 2 Shines on Social

Week 2 in the NFL is in the books. With a week of outcomes to build on & plenty of thrills on the field, teams were put to the test & shined. 

Here were the top teams on social media by engagement rate during Week 2. 

Here were the top teams on social media by engagements/post during Week 2. 

The avg engagements/post per platform fell around 17% from Week 1 to Week 2. It will be interesting to see how teams work to keep this trending upward week over week. 

On Twitter, teams saw success from capitalizing on content trends exclusive to the platform.

Having a pulse on the conversation & reacting in creative ways can lead to a nice boost in performance & get fans engaged that might not on your average post. 
Encouraging fans to engage in ways beyond simply liking a post can be effective for boosting reach & getting fans to engage more than once.

This IG post from Dallas Cowboys saw 11x more engagements & 35x more comments than their 30-day avg! 


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Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. How are they feeling and how can you create content, when attention on you is high, to empathize with them? 
 This personality-building can have significant short-term and long-term results. 

Leveraging influencers, both big & small, to be advocates for your brand can build a great net & lead to audience engagement crossover.  
If done effectively, even if not directly over social media, it can lead to fun results that make for a great story. 


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Take losses to highlight the positives where appropriate. Listening to your fans & seeing what they’re noting can be used to highlight a bright spot where there might not normally be. This also allows new players to see that they’re appreciated by your fans. 

Shout-out to the awesome work being done over the last two weeks! What stood out to you? What content should teams be recognized in NFL Twitter?