How Are Athletes Staying Socially Active During Quarantine?

Sports are an escape for people after a long day at work, they ignite a feeling that is hard to put into words and bring people all over the world together, especially during dark times. But, as we all know, some things are more significant than sports.
It’s typically the most exciting time of the year for NHL fans, with playoffs starting in a week. For MLB fans, you’re ready to rep your new jersey at Opening Day or still riding the high of being World Series Champs.
It’s a hard-hitting and unprecedented situation for everyone involved and invested in sports. Not just for networks and fans, but the athletes, too. Thank goodness we live in a society driven by social media, where people document athletes and famous figures every move. People turn to social media for a sense of community, which is essential more so now than ever.
Need some ideas to stay busy? Check out how some of your favorite NHL athletes are spending their time and staying positive while staying at home.

Family Dance Parties

Washington Capitals’ captain Alex Ovechkin was caught on camera mid-workout busting a move with Ovi Jr. It’s so important to stay healthy and active, but also be silly and let loose with your loved ones.

Playing Video Games

Another great idea to keep busy is of course gaming! When Ovi is not dancing, working out, or playing outside, he is playing himself in NHL20. Can we count these towards Ovi’s overall goal count?

Homework Helpers

Dustin Brown of the LA Kings has found himself learning how to use a popular household item during quarantine, an iron. “I don’t know how to work an iron that isn’t in a hotel room,” Brown said with a smirk to his wife Nicole. Hey Dustin, there is no time like the present buddy! I still think Brown still gets the “Dad of the Year” for helping his children with their school projects. Brown touched on a great idea though; right now, it is the perfect time to learn something new!

Practicing Skating… in the House?

Patrick Marleau, of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is taking “stay inside” to a new level. Marleau is getting reprimanded by his son, for rollerblading inside.

Supporting Healthcare Workers

Jack Eichel, of the Buffalo Sabres, has been spreading awareness and helping with coronavirus efforts. He gave a shout-out to all healthcare workers for going to war against this invisible enemy. He teamed up with Bauer Hockey and purchased medical masks for Western New York healthcare workers. You do not need to do such a grand gesture like Eichel, but see how you can help your local community.

Adopt and Foster Pets

David Backes, of the Anaheim Ducks, and his family are fostering a cockatoo currently. Backes has always been very supportive of animal rights, as seen on his Twitter account. If you are able to do one or both of these items, please do! Animals need a safe place just like us. Also, animals make for great stress relievers!

Just remember we are all in this together. We have gotten through tough times before and we will again. When this is all over let us not take for granted the little things, appreciating all that sports has to offer, even the overpriced beers.