Social Widgets

Activate real-time social content across mobile and web.

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Getting people to your site is the first step. The next step is keeping them engaged. Integrate social widgets that shed light on your brand’s personality and strike a chord with your visitors.

Social Collages

Stream live updates from your Instagram, Twitter, and other channels onto your website. Give a dynamic shout-out to your customers by carving out a space to highlight their social content.

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Give a sneak peek of your brand's best Snapchat moments to boost followership. Or, spotlight your top Snapchat ambassadors and inspire your followers to get featured.

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Sentiment Widget

Show a time lapse of the social media sentiment around any given topic, hashtag, or handle(s). Entice your visitors to come back for live updates and predictive stats on events that matter to them.

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Poll Widget

Treat your visitors to a fun social poll that not only gets them voting, but also actively sharing about your poll on their social channels.

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