2024 is already off to an amazing start in the world of sports with exhilarating matchups and standout performances. Here is a recap of the latest and greatest sports highlights from our social media!

The Highly Celebrated kansas city chiefs suite

The Chiefs vs Bills playoff game brought football and music stars into a suite of the season. The Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason Kelce and music sensation Taylor Swift’s appearance beloved alliance created a frenzy in the digital world. Earning 62 million views/impressions and 5.43 million engagements, this was one of the top highlights of the weekend by a stretch.

NBA Midseason Surge

It’s the halfway mark of the NBA season and social media is witnessing a slam dunk of engagement. Several teams are experiencing a spike compared to the same period last year. 

Thus far, the LA Clippers are the top growing team in the NBA from last season, as they’ve had success on the court, currently sitting at 4th in the Western Conference, and on November 1 brought in former-MVP James Harden to team up with Russell Westbrook, who is in his first full season with the team, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George. The 2023/24 In-Season Tournament Champion Los Angeles Lakers ranked 8th inn engagement growth year over year at the halfway point. The NBA team social growth highlights the standout performers and proves that their social media is as thrilling as the games on the court

Cavaliers Conquer Paris

On January 11th, the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers met in Paris for the 2024 NBA Paris Game. The Cavaliers had an outstanding week, documenting their journey and triumph at the NBA Paris Game. With 1.6 million engagements and a projected 131 million impressions, their numbers speak for themselves. Week-long content around the trip was undoubtedly the Cavs’ best week on social media with engagement that was three times higher than their weekly average this season.