Mid-February brought tons of excitement on and off the field. From the Super Bowl to the MLB All-Star Game, February 10 – 20 was packed with social media highlights that captured the attention of millions. Zoomph captured these insights, revealing the magnitude of these moments across social media!

Kansas City Chiefs Dominate on and Off the field

The Kansas City Chiefs had an amazing season, securing their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance. From the beginning of the season to Super Bowl weekend, the Chiefs’ social media presence saw incredible growth with an 84% increase in engagements, 43% boost in impressions, and 24% rise in social value. 

But it doesn’t stop there… 

The Chief’s 2nd straight Super Bowl win was even bigger and better than last year with 51% more impressions, 62% more engagements, and 43% more social value. 

In one day, the Super Bowl earned the Chiefs 10.4 million in social value and 15% of their total engagement this season. 

Usher's Electric Halftime Show

Usher’s #AppleMusicHalftime performance during the Super Bowl garnered immense attention on the NFL’s social media with 317 million views/impressions, 14.9 million engagements, and $11.3 million in social value. NFL’s TikTok platform also played a huge role, contributing to over a third of the impressions/views. Usher’s performance surpassed the previous year’s show by 28% in TikTok views. 

Taylor Swift's Social media stardom

Despite only comprising 0.5% of total content on NFL social media, Taylor Swift posts generated 369 million impressions, 17.3 million engagements, and $10.5 million in social value. Taylor Swift’s post consistently outperformed the NFL’s average, showing her incredible influence across social media. 

Caitlin Clark's Record-breaking moment

Caitlin Clark’s historic achievement, breaking the scoring record, echoed across major sports media outlets, earning 150 million impressions, 3.17 million engagements, and $3.1 million in social value. Her record-breaking moment was celebrated across @NCAA, @bigten, and @IowaWBB social media channels, showing the power of individual achievements. 

Steph Curry and Sabrina ionescu's stellar performance

During NBA All-Star Weekend, the showdown between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu stole the spotlight on social media, accounting for 42% of 24 million engagements and 26% of 1.4 billion impressions. Their performances took over social media and captivated audiences.