From major events, player announcements, and groundbreaking moments, social media plays a big role in capturing the excitement by fans. If you missed it on our social media, here are the highlights from January 31 – February 6, captured by Zoomph!

Jannik Sinner's Instagram Grand Slam

Following his historic win at the Australian Open, tennis prodigy Jannik Sinner experienced an increase in popularity on Instagram. He gained 805,000 new followers, along with 37 million impressions and 4.5 million engagements. His posts achieved an immense exposure rate, reaching nearly double his total following, making him a social media sensation. 

Celsius Collaboration

Celsius and racing sensation Toni Breidinger’s collaboration leveraged massive followings across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Through strategic social media initiatives, Celsius was able to reach Breidinger’s 4.5 million followers, showing the power of influencer partnerships in increasing brand exposure. 

x games Excitement

The X Games garnered significant attention on social media, with engagement increasing by 33% compared to the previous year. Event sponsors like Thayers Natural, Pacifico Beer, and Monster Energy saw substantial exposure, with millions of impressions across X Games socials. 

Ferrari's instagram Frenzy

The announcement of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari sent shockwaves across social media platforms. On Instagram, Ferrari gained over 230,000 new followers in a single day. Formula 1’s Instagram post unveiled Ferarri’s 2025 lineup as the top-performing post of the past year, affirming the “Lewis Hamilton effect” on social media. Social media saw 330 million impressions, $8.6 million in social value, and 17.1 million engagements!

NHL All-star sensation

The NHL All-Star game included top players and notable celebrity appearances like Justin Bieber and Tate McRae. Social media engagement saw a major boost compared to previous years, with the NHL and teams collectively achieving 13 million engagements, 411 million impressions, and an astounding $9.2 million in social value. 

Justin Bieber’s Instagram posts alone earned 630 million impressions, 16.3 million engagements, and $9.2 million in social value.