April has been an exciting month for sports, especially women’s basketball. Zoomph’s social media analytics have captured electrifying moments as both brands and have been gaining exposure across social media. Let’s dive into the highlights from April 15 – 22.

NHL's Top social teams

As the NHL regular season concluded and the Stanley Cup Playoffs started, many teams distinguished themselves by significantly increasing their social media engagement. Among the standout performers were the Philadelphia Flyers, Florida Panthers, and Arizona Coyotes. As the NHL playoffs unfold, continued excitement will grow on and off social media. 

WNBA Draft Night

The WNBA Draft took center stage on social media, commanding attention and setting new benchmarks for engagement. Compared to last year, the league and its teams impressions skyrocketed by 5.6 times, engagement surged by 6.6times , and social value increased by 6.4 times. This highlights the excitement and bright future ahead of women’s basketball. 

Salesforce and Brands Win With WNBA Draft Growth

Continuing with the social media surge surrounding the WNBA draft, the event reached 3.6 million views. Among the brands aiming for the spotlight was Salesforce, with over 11.1 million brand impressions from broadcast exposures of their jersey partnership with the Indiana Fever. On Instagram, the post accumulated $106K in social value, had a 3,216% increase compared to their average posts, and generated an additional $13.3K in brand value. 

padres vs. Dodgers Showdown

A Sunday Night Baseball showdown between the Padres and the Dodgers captivated audiences worldwide with 7.5 million unique viewers. While only viewers from Los Angeles and San Diego comprised of 13.2% of total audience, the other 86.8% came from outside the team markets. 

The Masters' TikTok Triumph

This year’s Masters tournament elevated its social media presence on TikTok. The Masters posted 106 times, 36 times more than last year, which helped to reach 101 million views, an 89% increase from 2023. A TikTok featuring Bryson DeChambeau stole the spotlight with over 16.3 million views and counting.