What is OCR and How Can You Use It To Enhance Brand Reporting

Sports teams and brands are always looking for ways to boost efficiency in the digital realm. One new technology feature that has transformed the ability to measure brand reporting is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR helps leagues to collaborate with teams to generate and promote content, leveraging its capabilities and many other benefits. 

In this blog, we will be diving into what OCR is, why it’s important, and how teams and brands can benefit from the new technology in their partnership reporting.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition is the conversion of any form of text into machine-encoded text that more precisely processes the text, typically in the form of graphics or television broadcasts. This helps in many forms, such as text editing or filing history more easily, but in partnerships today, it’s used as a cognitive AI feature to recognize brand related text and language.

the importance of oCR

OCR plays a huge role in transforming scanned images of text into editable and searchable documents. This process is significant because of the capabilities and benefits it brings to the table for teams: 

1. Efficiency: OCR processed the conversion of digital assets into accurate brand tagging, saving valuable time and resources. 

2. Accessibility: OCR helps to convert text exposures into machine-readable assets to determine the brand and asset on exposure, enhancing data analysis and collaboration efforts. 

3. Space-saving: By digitizing brand exposure through OCR, businesses can reduce missed exposures and optimize time and accurate reporting. 

4. Integration: OCR integrates existing business software which creates smoother workflow processes and enhances productivity. 

benefits of sports Leagues uses oCR

Leagues across various industries utilize OCR technology in diverse ways to their benefit, like scanning and identify text in sponsorship assets across media content and creatives or extracting data from scanned documents. By converting text images into searchable text documents, teams can capture valuable insights from large volumes of data using AI technology.

For Zoomph specifically, our customers deal with large amounts of data across social media, broadcast, and in-venue signage. OCR can help enhance data entry processes by digitizing logos and text, making it extremely efficient to tag team partnership assets. For example, a specific branded campaign that’s “presented by” a particular partner can be tagged and categorized accordingly, making it easy to track and report on that activation. 

By digitizing brand exposures, OCR helps teams simplify and also maximize their partnership measurement and save time in doing so. With this technology, Zoomph customers can streamline their operations and gain valuable insights from data analysis, contributing to success for any team.

OCR technology helps teams maximize productivity while being highly effective in staying ahead of the competition. OCR technology ensures high levels of accuracy in text recognition and data extraction with little to no errors, and automating brand partnership reporting tasks helps businesses to optimize their resources. It also enhances asset detection, logo exposure, and ensures proper data measurement. Overall, leagues, teams and brands are leveraging OCR to increase efficiency and improve data accessibility and accuracy.