Zoomph Platform Feature: YouTube Live Measurement

We are excited to share with you information about one of our most unique zoomph product features, YouTube Live measurement and valuation. Why is this crucial, you ask? We went to the source; Thomas Mathew our Chief Product Officer to get you all the details on this platform feature.

Why is the YouTube Live Valuation Feature important?

Our YouTube Live valuation feature has been a major ask from our esports clients in recent years. Some esports teams’ rosters and many esports tournaments are exclusively broadcasted on YouTube, so we wanted to ensure that we extended our live stream measurement and valuation beyond Twitch and cover YouTube Live as well.
As we always do with our platform development, we adapt – we now get notified when a creator goes live on YouTube, and then throughout the duration of the stream, we query the YouTube API for measuring concurrent viewership and other KPIs. Once the stream completes, if the stream is shared as a VOD, we track any subsequent views separately.

How does social valuation work for YouTube Live?


From a valuation standpoint, the differences in viewer behavior between live streams vs. playback VOD views are important to consider – our live metric tracking lets us factor the viewership throughout the stream, while for playback VOD, we consider viewership attrition. We developed different rate cards to value live viewership versus VOD views through extensive research. All put together, our approach provides the industry’s most accurate view into partner exposure valuation across live content on YouTube.

As with everything else in our platform, partner measurement on YouTube Live is also available through our APIs to allow our clients easy integration.

How are Zoomph’s asset detection tools being used on YouTube Live streams?

To provide our clients with the granularity of measurement they need, when paired with our asset detection AI, we can also automatically understand different partner placements covering both digital overlays, such as rotating logos on a broadcast, or physical placements such as jersey patches, step-and-repeat backdrops, headphones and more. This capability seamlessly blends into our new YouTube live measurement and can measure both content from owned and operated channels, as well as third-party channels such as Call of Duty League and Overwatch League.

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