NBA Brands Score a Slam Dunk in the All-Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend brought out the best in the veteran players and the up-and-coming players. It also brought out the best for brands. Brands sponsoring some of the All-Star events achieved high brand value and those that didn’t directly sponsor an event still received solid brand value through logo exposures.

All Brands

Surprisingly, many of the top 10 brands with the highest brand value (listed above) were jersey patch partners and additionally, roughly 41% of the top 10’s total brand value came from jersey logo exposures. Some brands, such as Air Jordan and Kia were special jersey partners for the All-Star festivities, while others like and 5 for the Fight, were jersey partners for the player’s NBA team that performed well during their events.

Mac McClung’s win in AT&T’s Slam Dunk competition boosted’s logo exposure. Many posts on social media included’s logo thanks to McClung wearing his Philadelphia 76er’s jersey during the competition and after his big win.

Similar to, 5 for the Fight made it to the top 10 brands in brand value. Most jersey sponsors are brands with a product they sell. In this case, 5 for the Fight is a non-profit organization that encourages people to donate $5 in the fight against cancer. 5 for the Fight received $75K in brand value while also receiving exposure for their great cause.

Brands with Sponsored Events

Posts with #StateFarmSaturday had a combined text mention and logo detection brand value of over $4M. They sponsored the whole day, so many events that day also included a State Farm mention.

AT&T’s Slam Dunk event had the most brand value for a single event. It averaged $16,916 in brand value per post.

Whether you decide to directly partner with big events like the All-Star NBA weekend or partner with a sports team, Zoomph can help you evaluate the brand value, amongst other metrics to greater enhance your partnerships.

Header Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

Data Info:

Platforms: Twitter and Instagram; Logo Detection ran on Photos only

Looked at just logo detection brand value for first table

Looked at logo detection and text mention brand value in second table

Date Range: 2/17/2023 12:00 AM – 2/21/2023 12:00 AM – date range includes one day after since  posts in the morning hours of the 20th were still related to All-Star game.