Immortals Gaming Partners With Zoomph 

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Immortals Gaming Group.   

Immortals Gaming Club is a fully, vertically integrated ESports and gaming company based out of Los Angeles, California; their teams compete for League of Legends and Valorant titles.

Through this partnership, Immortals Gaming will be able to capture the strength of their engagements across all social platforms and allow their partners to gain a better understanding of the value derived from their fans, content, players and teams. 

Zoomph has been swiftly growing its esports portfolio, creating new relationships with multiple brands since August of 2020, allowing Zoomph to elevate their own capabilities and continue to evolve in the esports space. 

“Immortals Gaming is another fantastic addition to our growing esports network, we are always looking for passionate and fun brands to work with.” Zoomph Co-Founder Nick Cronin said.“We hope to provide added value to their partnerships and their fan experience through our platform as they continue to make impressions across all social media platforms.”

Immortals Gaming plans to take advantage of Zoomphs offerings by converting the data in the platform into meaningful and actionable insights for their current and future partners in order to provide their fanbase with an amplified entertainment experience.  

About Zoomph

Zoomph specializes in esports and sports analytics while providing best-in-class, AI-based insights to help teams, leagues, and brands better understand their social media audiences and help measure the impact of their brand partnerships.