Monetize your Esports Social Media Audience

Drive revenue by aligning your team and athletes to their audiences’ favorite brands for partnerships and leverage audience data to orchestrate smarter, data-driven campaigns for optimal results.

Twitch Audience

With our Twitch tracking capabilities, you will be able to search and collect clips of streamers and games, analyze their engagement, as well as analyze the audiences of stream viewers.

⇨ Audience overlap & comparison

⇨ Segments for targeting

Smart Image and Video Detection

Through our platform, we can process images and videos and tag them accordingly with logos that were detected in the media. Identify, track, and evaluate logo placement to monetize and monitor your visual content.

⇨ Track brand appearances

⇨ Evaluate logo prominence & clarity on screen

Brand Affinities

Zoomph analyzes over 5,000 brands to discover what brands have the highest affinity to your audience. Compare multiple audiences and make actionable data-driven decisions.

⇨ Simple prospecting for new partners

⇨ Smarter competitive intelligence

See how teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Knights work with us today!

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