How Zoomph Benchmark Helps Brands Measure Success Against Competition

In the development and advancement of sports media and sponsorship, new technology is reshaping the way brands engage and understand their performance. One of the most important aspects of this is recognizing how well your brand is doing in correlation with other competitors. Social media benchmarking helps to unlock the true potential of your data and guide you to success.

In 2023, Zoomph launched Zoomph Benchmark, a new platform offering that tracks, measures, and readily reports on social media content for over 1,000 professional and collegiate teams and programs, over 1,500 brands, and over 500 athletes. In this blog, we are going to discuss the impact of social media benchmarking in today’s competitive landscape and how Zoomph Benchmark is the platform brands should adopt into their analytics toolbox.

The Significance of social media benchmarking

Social media benchmarking compares your brand’s performance metrics with other competitors to help to provide a clear and contextual understanding of your social media and if it’s outperforming the competition. By benchmarking against other brand leaders or competitors, you can introduce study what content resonates with fans, leading to increased engagement.

With data, brands can evolve from general approaches to more effective and direct strategies, aligning their efforts with what the benchmarking data reveals about industry norms and competitor performance. This is key to staying ahead of the game in the dynamic landscape of social media.

Social Media benchmarking Goals

Social media benchmarking is a reflection of the average performance of all brands in an industry, region or league and provides in-depth analysis of different metrics, such as exposure, engagement, campaign efficacy, influencer impact, mentions, and sentiment. This helps brands gain insight into their own efforts, as well as other competitors by comparing their metrics.

Once a brand understands their social media landscape, they can monitor competition and consistently measure their standings in the market. This is essential for improving and updating content to align with the preference of the audience for optimal engagement. 

Social media goals are specific and diverse, from gaining brand recognition to directly increasing downloads or purchases, and establishing brand identity and fan loyalty is crucial for all these goals. As aims evolve, so has the need for precise measurement. It’s not just comparison – it’s a strategic tool to help improve content strategy and stay ahead of industry trends. 

Zoomph's Powerful benchmarking solution

Zoomph Benchmark acts as a catalyst for insights. Whether you’re measuring performance, identifying growth opportunities, or comparing results, Zoomph can help unlock the true potential of your data. 

By effortlessly measuring the performance of all partnerships and platforms, Zoomph unlocks easy-to-share dashboards, and brand reporting, which provides quick insights into the effectiveness of your content and partnerships. Adding benchmarking to these capabilities, you can better analyze data and make informed decisions in the marketplace. 

Embrace the simplicity of benchmarking with Zoomph to quickly measure the performance of different partnerships, identify new opportunities and ensure your brand stays ahead in the dynamic landscape. 

Try Zoomph Benchmark to discover the difference it can make for your brand.