F1 Driver Crypto Index

Ranking the 2022 Roster of Drivers for Attractiveness to Crypto Brands.

Our Index Score Methodology

Our methodology analyzes two factors of a driver; their social activity and their audience make-up, each of which are given an equal weighting of scoring at 50% each.

Here is a deeper break down:

  • Social performance metrics
    • Frequency: total number of posts
    • Reach: total number of followers/likes across the four different platforms
    • Engagement: average engagement rate and follower interaction rate
  • Audience metrics
    • Fan Attractiveness: percentage audience with an affinity to crypto

Crypto Audience Definition: Our Crypto audience is a custom audience that included Twitter users whose Twitter bio includes any of “Bitcoin”, #BTC, #Bitcoin, “BTC,” $BTC, “Ethereum”, #ETH, $ETH, “Litecoin”, #Ethereum #Litecoin, #LTC, $LTC, “Dogecoin”, #DOGE, $DOGE or Follow any of @coinbase, @binance, @dogecoin, @shibtoken, @ethereum, @krakenfx, @CoinDesk, @CoinDeskMarkets, @trustwallet, @ftx_app, @CoinMarketCap, @blockchain, @Bitstamp, @bitfinex, @BittrexExchange, @HuobiGlobal, @BlockFi crypto, @cryptocom, @TrustWalletApp