Best TikTok Practices To Maximize Content Performance and Grow Your Brand

In the ever-changing world of social media, TikTok has grown to be a popular app in the past few years with over a billion users worldwide. This app allows users to upload a wide range of videos, from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, allowing creativity to spark engagement. For businesses, it is an easy way to advertise and market a product or service and build their brand.

Earlier this year, Zoomph introduced TikTok measurement in our platform for customers for authenticated accounts. We’ve collected over 100,000 TikToks, spoke with industry experts, and analyzed these posts to curate the top lessons and best practices for paid media on TikTok to share with you.

Here are some of the key aspects that are helpful in elevating your TikTok ad game:

1. Understanding Paid, Owned, and Earned media

TikTok’s paid media refers to the promotion of posts which involves setting a specific budget. Within this budget, there are clear goals set for the number of people, often referred to as impressions, that the promoted posts should reach. For TikTok, this is measured as the number of views a TikTok receives, which is the number in the bottom left corner of TikToks. These impression goals are essential not only to guide the campaign but also to determine the added value in deals. Meeting these goals ensures that the campaign is effective with the intended audience. Behind every successful TikTok campaign lies a well-defined budget for paid media and specific objectives regarding the reach of the promoted posts. To stand out, brands often need to provide added value in deals, offering extra impressions to enhance their reach. This helps the video to get more visibility and also allows TikTok to receive a more extensive content reach.

Impressions from paid, owned, or earned media are usually summed together to form a final number. This media keeps the balance of the paid budget for social posts which are limited and regulated.

2. Use "Sparking" on Your TikTok Posts

TikTok has introduced the term “sparking” for paid promotions. When a post is sparked, organic traction is reduced on the For You Page, showing the importance of strategic promotion. This allows any paid media to be promoted to a larger audience by paying for the impressions.

Spark ads are helpful because they “allow brands to create ads from organic TikToks while maintaining the native feel and functionality of organic posts — a powerfully authentic way to reach your audience and promote your business.” Paying for these impressions can be vital as it allows you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors which ensures that your content is shown to the audience most likely to be interested in your brand, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. Creating specific content is crucial to making a lasting impression and increasing brand loyalty from consumers. When paying for impressions make sure your video includes:

  • Captivating Editing Skills: Incorporating music, transitions, movement, text overlay, emojis, and branding works best to capture the viewer’s attention and make a lasting impression. Keeping the video short and sweet, with a nice flow of transitions and editing helps to keep audience members engaged and uses variety, which is key to encouraging more engagement on the videos. This will also allow for your content to stand out from others and gain more interaction.

  • Call-to-Action: A well-crafted call-to-action comprises two components: significance and seamlessness. Significance entails aligning the content with the consumer’s needs. The content should creatively show the products or services you want to promote. Seamlessness revolves around simplifying the user experience. Different features, such as shoppable ads or links, allow consumers to effortlessly click and explore products, streamlining the process of shopping. The goal is to create an easy and enjoyable customer experience.

  • Authenticity: Allowing your video to show humanity and realness helps audiences gravitate more towards your brand. Focusing on being real and genuine is more enticing than scripted and planned content. By keeping your content authentic, it will make a more memorable impression.

  • Structure: Keeping an engaging video from beginning to end is important in holding attention and creating a great flow. The hook is your first attempt at keeping your audience engaged and is shown in the first few seconds of the video. Throughout the middle and conclusion of your creation, you should deepen your connection and end with a bang. A well-structured and fascinating video should tell a story that keeps viewers focused and entertained.

Paying for impressions and using these tips for your content will help increase and promote your brand.
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3. Use Engagement and Engagement Rate Cycles To Strategize Content

TikTok often uses strategies to balance the presence of branded content and encourage more organic, user-generated content. This encourages brands to maintain a balance between paid and owned media.

During our analysis, we found it’s normal that content performance isn’t constant, it’s always fluctuating. There are periods of higher and lower engagement, resembling natural ebbs and flows. Low engagement rates are inevitable. If you can better understand the ebbs and flows of your engagement cycles, this can help maximize the effectiveness of your media content.

4.why TikTok Collaborations are Important for your brand

Partnering with well-known creators will help to grow your brand and spread your message to a wider audience. They can help to get traction in a new-to-you niche or dip your toes into content types that aren’t in your arena of expertise. Because these creators already have their own following, they can help capitalize on your brand in an authentic way that is captivating to viewers. Finding a creator who aligns with your brand, style, and values will help to naturally promote your product or service. 


5. keeping up with trends help Brand relevancy

Staying up to date and aware of trends is important to stay relevant and connect with your audience. TikTok thrives on trends. Whether it’s a new dance, a viral sound or popular filter, trends can help maximize visibility, reach new viewers and resonate with current followers. 77% of users saying they like it when brands use trends, memes, or challenges on TikTok to make new content, which can help form new loyal customers when they watch your TikTok.

Additionally, strategically use hashtags in your content. Hashtags are vital tools on TikTok, organizing videos into specific categories and making them easily discoverable. Users often explore content through hashtags, making them a powerful way to boost your content’s reach. Not only do captions help leverage your brand, but they support visual and auditory messages for users who can’t have their sound on to understand what you’re trying to convey.

These elements show the nature of digital marketing, where adaptability, creativity, and a deep understanding of audience behavior are essential for crafting successful paid media campaigns.

6. Use Zoomph To Measure Your Content Strategy and Monetization

Zoomph serves as a powerful tool to measure the effectiveness of your content strategy and monetization efforts on TikTok, offering valuable insights into what your current audience enjoys and what helps bring in new fans. 

Zoomph can also help to measure the success rate of your collaborations with creators. Through data analysis, Zoomph measures the social value, impression rate, and amount of engagement on your content to see what gains the most traction and is most effective in capturing an audience’s attention. 

Using these features through Zoomph can provide brands with a comprehensive understanding of their content and its efficiency. This data-driven approach allows brands to make more informed decisions, strategic content, and maximize revenue on the platform.