4FRONT Partners With Zoomph

Zoomph is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with full-service, innovation, partnerships, and digital media agency, 4FRONT.  

4FRONT’s mission to put their partners at the 4FRONT of the industry by using innovation, creativity, and insights to solve problems, and drive growth through engaging fans with deeper and long-lasting connections.  

Through this partnership, 4FRONT will gain valuable reporting data on audience insights, sponsorship tracking, and social analytics in order to create engaging and significant partner campaigns for their clients, through the Zoomph platform.  4FRONT works with organizations, properties, teams, and leagues around the world. 

“We’re excited to drive the future of sports and entertainment partnerships through sponsorship insights and transform how rights holders monetize fan bases. 4FRONT’s commitment to delivering innovation and success in sports and entertainment makes them an invaluable partner and we’re excited about the impact this will have on #sportsbiz.” said Nick Cronin, Zoomph Co-Founder. 

4FRONT plans to use this data to effectively support their clients and broaden their partnerships and strengthen their relationship with the esports community.   

About Zoomph

Zoomph specializes in esports and sports analytics while providing best-in-class, AI-based insights to help teams, leagues, and brands better understand their social media audiences and help measure the impact of their brand partnerships.