2022 FIFA World Cup Sponsor & Industry Marketability

The FIFA World Cup. Every four years, it becomes the center stage of the sports world for a month, putting on display the top national teams, the world’s most talented players, and setting the stage for the next wave of talent to begin making a name for themselves.

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar quickly approaches, we are excited to share our 2022 FIFA World Cup Sponsor Industry Report. 

Using our unique social marketability scoring model, we used the competing team’s social measurements and audience insights to discover which country’s fan bases had the most sponsor potential for tournament sponsors in industries such as Soft Drinks, Airlines, Energy, Credit Cards, and more.

Here is how it breaks down


The Zoomph scoring model comprised of two primary categories, each given equal 50 percent overall weighting on a total scale of 250 points

Social performance 125 total points
The score is a combination of weighted scored for followers, volume of posts, total engagements, engagement rate, impressions, and follower interaction rate. All social data was sourced between January 1, 2022 – September 19, 2022.

Fan Attractiveness 125 total points

The score is a weighted score based on the team’s audience affinity to the sponsor’s industries.


Takeaways at a glance

  1. Brands should take note of the top teams in their category and prioritize them in their social content strategy.
  2. National teams and federations should take note of their own potential brand value and track it throughout the tournament to negotiate partnerships down the line.
  3. Early round games are just as important as the knockout rounds. For example, Morocco vs. Croatia on Nov. 23 features the top two countries in regard to overall marketability. The two countries may not advance out of Group F play ahead of Belgium and Canada.

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