1. Find Your Fans

Your fans don’t have to be in the stands to be engaged. Whether they be in the office or on the couch, your fans are within virtual earshot.

Tap into their locations with Zoomph’s advance geo tools. Measure your team’s social footprint, track relevant social conversations, and discover fan communities in one of several ways:

  • Geo fence your stadium or city to find local fans who are talking about your team
  • Track mentions of your team nationally or globally and find where the chatter originated
  • Gauge the reach of your event or team hashtags
  • Identify and locate your biggest influencers and team advocates


2. Learn What They Care About

Keep a pulse on every conversation or mood swing involving your team. Track social signals around certain fan bases or localities—or aggregate conversations from all around the world.

Sift through social content pulled from Twitter, Instagram, and other top channels to find common triggers for their positive or negative reactions to your team. Dive into top keywords, emojis, and hashtags to get the full context around trending conversations.

Our platform also offers a vast collection of Author Cards. Rooted in our database of over 170M social media profiles that grows by 2M each week, Author Cards give you unprecedented views into your audience’s real-time demographics, affinities, and behaviors.

3. Boost Game-Day Experience

Craft unique game-day experiences that appeal to your audience’s interests. Choose from:

  • Event Displays
  • Polls
  • Contests
  • Microsites

With Event Displays, inspire ticket holders to rally around a hashtag and share in-game content to land a cameo on your jumbotrons.

Alternatively, create a poll that gets your fans voting for their favorite players, swag, and moments via social media. Show real-time results and/or build up the anticipation by waiting to reveal the results at the end of a game. Remember to engage all your fans, from those who are in the arena to those who are caught in the office.

Launch mobile-responsive microsites that provide live game stats, videos, and social media streams. Or, keep the competitive spirit alive with experiential contests that let your fans enter, vote, and spread the word from one vibrant, digital space.


4. Customize Promotions & Giveaways

Fan loyalty is an earned luxury. Start winning over your fans with personalized interactions.

Notify fans when they’re being spotlighted on your event displays, or thank them for their participation in your contests.

With Zoomph, you can retain a personal touch while cutting down on the time spent behind a keyboard by pre-writing messages before game day. Our system will cycle through your various messages and deliver them straight to your fans on Twitter and Instagram.

Leverage your data to customize your promotions and special giveaways, e.g., learn which locations to target with ads around cold-weather gear versus warm-weather merchandise. Plan for the right types of giveaways by studying your audience’s social associations for cues on which brands, items, and themes they enjoy best.

Zoomph's ability to seamlessly integrate live fan data across our website, social media, and in-game experiences was crucial to our campaign execution.

— James Heuser, Director of Digital Media, Washington Capitals

5. Find Top Sponsors

Refer to your Twitter Follower Analytics to discover new partnership opportunities.

Twitter Follower Analytics offer top-to-bottom analyses of entire follower lists. You can view the common friends, behaviors, and associations shared by the followers of any Twitter handle.

By generating reports on your influencers, individual players, or team, you can see which brands, shows, and celebrities your fans engage with most on social media.

Consider partnering with the most admired names to raise excitement around your top-dollar marketing campaigns. You can also collaborate with your influential social media fans (a.k.a. your influencers) for a more cost-effective, but equally powerful approach.

6. Delight, Optimize & Repeat

Get repeatable results by tracking relevant data.

Zoomph offers a slew of comparison tools, data visualizations, and reporting instruments to help you measure the performance of your campaigns.

With every display, contest, or hashtag campaign that you launch, our platform will automatically collect analytics on your audiences, content, and social sentiment. Benchmark your impact, and compare campaigns side by side to learn what’s working and what’s not.

Always check that you’re reaching the right audiences and spurring the right conversations via your partnerships and campaigns.

Also, observe your competitors to see how they’re innovating with social media. It goes without saying that there’s always room to grow—make sure you know how to grow as you continuously evolve your social strategy.