Zoomph Audience Analytics

Discover your customers' interests and traits based on their social media activity.

  • Analyze audiences that you define or upload into Zoomph
  • Gain data across 200+ default traits and interests
  • Explore brand affinities, interests, checked-in locations, and more
  • Monitor your audience's real-time activity
  • Compare your audience against a baseline
  • Find overlaps or disparities between any two audiences

What People Are Saying About Us

“Zoomph’s platform gives you the ‘next-level-deep’ insight we’ve all been looking for. It lets our clients be more relevant to their consumers.”

- Shelley Pisarra, Wasserman

“Zoomph has enabled us to understand social audiences at a much deeper level than ever before. Beyond standard demographics, Zoomph helps us understand passion points, trends, brand affinities, and pyschographic traits that enable us to make informed marketing decisions.”

- Validated Reviewer on G2Crowd

"An AMAZING Product with an AMAZING team behind it."

- Validated Reviewer on G2Crowd