Social Data API Integration

Deepen customer intelligence.

Integrate Zoomph audience analytics into your business applications. Our flexible platform serves digital professionals who need real-time insights and a competitive edge to make faster, more informed decisions.

Audience Reports and Segmentation

Go beyond cookies and syndicated reporting. Powered by our proprietary database, our Audience Analytics allows you to build insights on any custom audience, so you can discover and segment your outreach with greater precision.

  • Build audiences based on their demographics, behaviors, and interests
  • Query for their top brand affinities, traits, or interests
  • Define and track your own custom categories

Custom Dashboards and Content Streams

Craft reports that are specific to your unique marketing goals, personas, and KPIs. With our Feed Analytics API, you can choose which social metrics or content types to integrate into your applications to support your marketing team.

You can also stream real-time content onto your websites or mobile apps to gamify the experience and boost user engagement.

Contact Record Enrichment

Enrich your CRM records with our customer identity appends and gain details like purchasing power, wealth score, and behavioral data.

Zoomph complies to regional data privacy regulations (and common sense) by requiring you to gain your contacts' consent to store and enrich their information. Our data is also anonymized and hashed to protect user privacy.

Success Story

Wasserman 'Unlocks' Actionable Insights on Social Audiences

Sports and entertainment agency Wasserman partnered with us to create a powerful analytics platform, called Unlock.

Unlock tracks over 200 variables across 330 million anonymous profiles worldwide to match talent, brands, properties with the best partnerships opportunities.

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