Research and Insights

Take control of data.

Data is only useful when its deep, accurate, and relevant to your brand. Powered by our proprietary database, artificial intelligence programming, and social media, Zoomph lets you get precise with your research and evolve past limited focus groups or purchased data.

Gain Tools for More Advanced Research Tasks


Build custom audiences based on the various demographics, behaviors, and interests that you want to target.


Measure consumer affinity across 190+ default interests or custom categories, and discover their favorite brands.


Pinpoint what makes your audience unique by comparing them to a competitor’s audience or a second segment.


Measure an audience’s engagement in viral topics or track the changing preferences of your campaign audiences.

Harness Powerful Processing Power

Real-Time + Historic Data

We ensure that data is both timely and insightful by layering real-time social data with enriched information from our database of cross-channel audiences.

Proprietary Algorithms

Zoomph crunches billions of social signals, such as post engagement and follower relationships, in seconds to identify trends around your search.

Workflows and Integrations

Manage your data with complete flexibility. Create custom feeds, filters, interest categories, and more—or integrate data into your own apps.

Case Study

Hyper-Personalize Campaigns and Increase ROI by 171%

The Economist and Sense used Zoomph to analyze the behaviors of "globally curious" millennials in five target locations.

They published "edgy" activations addressing topical issues by location and generated over 27,500 subscriptions with a customer lifetime value of £1.7 million.

Learn how to geo-target your research with the help of one of our data experts.


Ace Your Pitches

Prove your expertise in consumer insights via entirely unique analytics around a prospect's digital audience.

Vet Opportunities

Identify the right personas to target and the right strategies to employ using in-depth interest data.

Boost Campaigns

Suggest ways to adapt marketing or ad programs to an audience's evolving preferences.


“Zoomph has enabled us to understand social audiences at a much deeper level than ever before. Beyond standard demographics, Zoomph helps us understand passion points, trends, brand affinities, and pyschographic traits that enable us to make informed marketing decisions.”

– Validated Reviewer on G2Crowd

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