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Take your events to new heights.

Ramp up excitement at your events with Zoomph digital activations. Craft show-stopping UGC displays that incentivize engagement.


Screens. Gain access to our full library of ready-to-use templates. All of our templates are mobile responsive and can be customized to your brand aesthetics or sponsorship requirements.

Events. Some visual providers charge by the day. We let you run as many campaigns as you need for 30 days.

Powerful Gamification Features

Gamify your events with hashtag polls, leaderboards, and more. Curate user-generated content on dynamic hubs or reward attendees who generate the most engagement around your event on social media.

  • Polls

  • Giveaways

  • Influencer Leaderboards

  • Contests

Moderate at Scale

Use advanced moderation or rules-based workflows to control what gets shown on your UGC displays.

Reject spam, noise, and inappropriate content, or auto-notify your team when an important event occurs (e.g., an influencer tweets about your event).

Advanced Analytics

Every event should bring you closer to your audience. That's why our templates come with built-in analytics.

On top of essential performance metrics, Zoomph returns demographic and interest data on the people who engage with your UGC displays.

Understand who attends your events and learn how to segment your follow-up communications with greater precision.

Need help with an event or custom project?

We've got your back. Our team can help you reach your goals by assisting with planning, developing, and launching
a solution that utilizes Zoomph in the right ways.

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