Social Recruiting

“The world’s largest talent database”

Find passive and active job candidates on the world’s largest talent database: social media. Initiate smart social interactions to build connections with your top candidates.

Locate Your Talent

In 2017, 71% of recruiters said that social media was effective in decreasing time to fill non-management, salaried positions, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The top reason? Organizations could locate talent who weren't actively looking for a job but were willing to make the switch.

Identify your own candidates using Zoomph’s. Geo-fence key cities or query topics on Twitter to find people with the right qualifications and passions for a job.

Evaluate Cultural Fit

Minimize the amount of time you spend courting candidates who don’t fit the bill. Learn more about who influences your prospects everyday with Twitter Follower Reports. Or, upload your contact list to Zoomph to explore their top interests and brand affinities. Confirm that their interests align with your company’s values, culture, and line of work.

Engage Talent

Get your company on the radar by engaging candidates in creative ways. Launch interactive experiences asking prospects to upload 'Snapplications,' share their opinions on a social poll, or fill out a survey in exchange for a meeting with your team.

Using Zoomph's audience tools, you can also identify the top interests of your contacts and learn what parts of your company to highlight in a job posting. Showcase the benefits and company values that will resonate with them most.

Amplify Your Current Human Capital

As social media is revolutionizing talent acquisition, it’s simultaneously re-architecting the way that employees relate with their brands. Encourage your employees to share about their positive work experiences to widen your network and attract applicants. Display their social posts at career fairs or on your website using Zoomph's quick-and-easy activation tools.

Success Study

Social HR with Hewlett-Packard Co.

For several years, HP has partnered with Zoomph to launch #HPTwintership—a competition inviting HP’s 2,500+ interns worldwide to represent the company on Twitter for a chance to win enviable prizes.

With this program, HP was able to achieve a 95% satisfaction rate in their intern program and involve their employees in giving their brand a personality.

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