1. Craft Your Site with Microsite Builder

Our Microsite Builder is a beautifully simple tool for publishing custom webpages. Easily design a page for showcasing your contest and collecting submissions by choosing one of our ready-made templates. Then drag and drop the elements that you want, and customize the aesthetics of your site using our rich text and style editors.

All of our templates are mobile responsive and don’t require coding. Freely add more advanced features like parallax scrolling, quote blocks, and real-time social content without having to code.

However, if you want to integrate custom HTML or CSS, our Microsite Builder supports that too. Get as inventive as you like, then hit ‘launch’ to immediately publish your site.

2. Integrate Social Login to Collect Visitor Data

Use one of our most powerful features to unlock rich data around your audience. Add social login to your site to have users sign into their social handles to participate in your contest. This is also a way for gaining explicit consent from users to be added to your database or mailing list.

Zoomph will store form entries, letting you freely view this information by going to Content Moderation and exploring the Author Card of any participant.

3. Leverage Audience Builder for Deep Analysis

Our activations come with integrated audience analytics; for every campaign you launch, Zoomph will automatically create a dynamic audience in Audience Builder. This allows us to match your participants inside our database of enriched profiles and return an anonymized audience report.

Our database manages a staggering amount of data every day. It crunches over 102 billion data signals to determine social affinities, relationships, and behaviors.

This enables our Audience Builder to return information like:

  • Audience demographics
  • Checked-in locations
  • Top interests
  • Top bio words
  • Top-followed accounts
  • Associations (brand and celebrity affinities)
  • Favorite topics and hashtags

4. (Optional) Connect Your CRM for Data Enrichment

Integrate our audience data into your CRM or marketing automation platform. Zoomph APIs make it possible for you to map your contest participants to their contact cards inside your database. You can then enrich your database with information like demographics, associations, locations, and/or social influence of each participant. Note: We require all API users to gain proper consent from their consumers to track and analyze their data.

Use this data to segment your contacts by their interests or real-world behaviors, and to increase the creativity, timing, and overall success of your customer outreach.

With our Real-Time Alerts API, you can additionally sync live social media data to your marketing automation platform to trigger ads based on specific events.

5. Segment & Optimize Your Campaign

Whether you choose to integrate our data into your CRM or to analyze your audience using our platform, audience data can help you optimize your marketing strategy.

As you’re auditing the performance of your current contest, consider: Are you engaging the right audience? Do your participants resemble your target personas? Can you target any specific associations to engage more of the right people?

Optimize your microsite as needed, or easily launch and test another site.

Audience Comparison is another tool in our platform that lets you identify the differences in interests, traits, and more between any two audiences. Discover how your campaigns are performing in comparison to one another and get the intelligence you need to inform your future segmentation strategies.