Social Media CRM Enrichment API

Capture your consumers’ real-world interests and lifestyles to humanize your communications.

Marketers often understand customers in the context of their purchases but rarely as people. The Zoomph Enrichment API arms you with the data to understand your consumers at a human level.

Gain Essential Demographic Details

Stream gender, generation, and other self-identified information on your CRM contacts by accessing our database of over 317 million social profiles. Zoomph consolidates first-party data with carefully curated third-party data to return reliable information around your existing customers.

Segment by Interest

Segment your existing contacts via up-to-date affinity data. Our API returns information about your consumers’ brand, celebrity, and entertainment associations based on their recent and historical social media activity.

Find Lookalike Audiences

Harness our first-party consumer data to find social media users or groups who demonstrate similar behaviors, actions, or interest as your most engaged customers.

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