Social Data APIs for CRM, MarTech & Data Science

Integrate deep audience insights to personalize your engagements.

Zoomph offers direct access to its APIs to help you personalize your marketing projects. Go beyond cookie-based syndicated reporting and experience the power of human data.

CRM Matching API

Automatically map your CRM contacts or marketing lists to their social media handles.

  • Implement exact data or fuzzy logic matching
  • Segment and enrich your contact records to gain a 360° view of your customers
  • Engage your customers at a human level

Audience Analytics API

Collect behavioral and psychographic data on custom audiences.

  • Understand key demographic, psychographic, or geographic groups
  • Define and analyze various subsegments
  • Find common interests, personality traits, and brand affinities
  • Identify top influential brands and celebrities

CRM Enrichment API

Deepen contact records with social insights to initiate more meaningful one-to-many and one-to-one interactions.

  • Analyze and segment your customer lists by their associations, demographics, and locations
  • Discover what inspires your customers and prospects
  • Build lookalike audiences at scale

Real-Time Alerts API

Auto-notify your sales or marketing team when a contact is ready to engage.

  • Track buying signals across multiple social channels
  • Send push notifications to your application the instant a person meets custom criteria
  • Engage consumers when it matters most

Real-Time Feed API

Personalize your ads and emails to your consumers’ real-time behaviors.

  • Understand human emotions, actions, and lifestyles as they pertain to specific locations and topics
  • Set up custom feeds based on Boolean logic
  • Geo fence areas as granular as a city block to spot local trends

Influencer API

Track and measure the activity of social media influencers.

  • Discover influencers who align with your brand narrative
  • Explore what resonates with your audiences using sentiment data, emoji analytics, and more
  • Benchmark industries, competitors, and multiple campaigns from one API
  • Stream live index KPI reports of the biggest brands in 10+ industries

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