UGC Moderation

Take control, manage, and automate your social media visuals.

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Platformtoolsugc moderation

Our moderation tools work seamlessly with our visuals to capture the most relevant user-generated content (UGC) that tells compelling stories about your brand and consumers.

Manage What Gets Shown

Prevent spam or inappropriate content from tainting your public, crowd-sourced sites and displays. Our custom visuals will only display tweets, ‘grams, and other content that you approve through your moderation dashboard.

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Automate Moderation

Don’t have time to hand pick content? Create workflows that refer to a set of custom triggers, conditions, and outcomes to automate tagging, content approval, content rejection, and more.

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Moderate on the Go

Whether you be at your desk or in a cab, stay in control of your digital hubs. With Zoomph’s Social Manager App for iOS and Android, you can instantly manage your content and update your displays straight from your smartphone.

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Sync with Zoomph Notify

Notify authors the instant they’re being spotlighted on your UGC hubs or event displays. Enable auto-notification whenever you approve a piece of content, and personalize the experience by customizing a series of messages for our system to send.

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