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When you’re handling user-generate content (UGC), you’re working side by side with real people in your audience. Delight users who participate in your UGC campaigns, and gain consent to repurpose their content as authentic advertising or marketing material.

Energize Participants

Zoomph Notify works in tandem with our UGC hubs, letting you instantly notify users when you’ve approved their content and are displaying it on your site. Excite contributors with a personalized tweet, Instagram message, or other social post that drives their attention back to your hub, and has them sharing about their special appearance.

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Gain Consent

Not all social content is free content or intended to be broadcasted. Extend courtesy to your audience by asking for consent before showcasing their personal pictures and posts in your branded ads, sites, and other channels.

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Automate the Process

While one-to-one engagements are crucial for your success, we understand that it can take daunting amounts of time. Fortunately, you can automate Consent and/or Notify by defining conditions for when to deliver messages, and prescribing custom messages ahead of time.

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