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Context is the blueprint of success for any human engagement. Our ZPoints® algorithm powers our contextual influence-ranking engine that touches every data point as it’s ingested into our platform, helping you understand what messages stick with your audience.

Find Social Media Influencers

ZPoints® helps you automate your influencer search process by ranking an author’s content in relation to a certain topic. We harness raw engagement metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ alongside other harvested data to identify posts that have a deep impact, and reach other influential authors.

Power Deeper Engagement

Analyze the visuals, emojis, and text that are driving influence. Grow your own authority by adapting tactics for engaging more authentically and personally with your target audiences.

Move in Real Time

ZPoints® are generated instantly, letting you gauge the stickiness and momentum of a topic, comment, or complaint in real time. Address any customer issues quickly, keep a pulse on the social health of your brand, and evolve your messaging with growing conversations online.

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