A simple way to organize UGC

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Define an easy way to organize content as you’re amassing user-generated content (UGC) from multiple social channels. Activate automated tagging.

Tag Content for Easy Filtering

Create custom tags to track social posts that you collect via your Zoomph listening feeds. Automate tagging with Workflows, which scrape incoming content for specific authors, text, and other predefined cues. View tagged content by using our smart filters, available across our entire platform.

Compare Your Tags

Contrast the performance of differently tagged items. Observe the various audience demographics, reactions, and conversations triggered by different sets of content, and understand the local perspective on broad topics.

Pair with AdSync

Use tags to activate AdSync, or integrated “buy” buttons for your Zoomph social hubs and microsites. Associate tags to certain calls-to-actions to automate button placement on your site. Empower visitors to buy what they see their friends posting about on social media.

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