Fuzzy Search & Workflows

Noise-canceling tools for better social listening

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A simple hashtag or keyword search casts a wide net over your social networks. Fuzzy search and workflows help you extract just the content that matters to you, and automate actions based on content cues.

Set Up Advance Search

Run a basic search to collect social media content based on keywords, hashtags, handles, locations, and/or channels. Or, activate a precise fuzzy search to pull content that meets at least two or more of your search criteria, e.g., only pull content that mentions “awesome” AND “@Zoomph” at the same time.

Reject Spam & Noise

Set up custom filters with Workflows, which scrape incoming content for irrelevant keywords, inappropriate content, and other cues that you define. Ensure that you catch pure, insightful data that's helpful to your decision-making.

Automate Actions

Auto-notify your followers, tag content, or send automated emails to your team whenever your social-listening feeds detect on a new influencer. Use Workflows to define a number of these automated actions in reaction to your incoming content.

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