Typographic Display

Showcase text-only social media posts with as many custom backgrounds as you wish.

Single Item Display

Leverage this minimalist design to spotlight social media posts one at a time.

ZPoints® Trend

Embed a barometer or the Total ZPoints, or influence score, of any trending topic, handle, or hashtag.

Word Cloud Widget

Embed a cloud of the top words, hashtags, and mentions around any topic.

Twitter Ticker

Display live tweets around any given topic of choice in a horizontal ticker.

Topic Leaderboard

Customize a leaderboard ranking the most influential users posting about any given topic, handle, or hashtag on social media.

Tiles Display

Launch a live tiled social media display that animates in and out sequentially.

Snap Widget

Draw attention to your brand’s Snapchat channel by sharing your favorite stories and memories embedded on your site.

Single Widget

Embed a slideshow that lets visitors browse through user-generated content one at a time.

Sentiment Widget

Publish a live sentiment tracker that lets viewers see the evolution of emotions around any topic, handle, or hashtag.


Share brand moments and memorabilia in a scrapbook-style social media display.

Square Poll Widget

Bring your poll front-and-center on your site to get visitors participating and sharing about your brand on social media.

Round Poll Widget

Bring your poll front-and-center on your site to get visitors participating and sharing about your brand on social media.

Poll Display

Engage your customers in a poll that requires them to tweet their votes. Cast your poll to any-sized display, and manage it remotely with our social manager app.

Photo Wall

Build an immersive, full-screen experience that displays photos in a quilt-like grid.

Photo Ticker

Stream real-time social photos to your site with this auto-scrolling ticker.

Photo Stream

Launch an animated social media wall highlighting specific posts against a backdrop of photos.

Photo Hub

Feature your customers’ social media photos and integrate our patented AdSync feature to empower visitors to buy what they see!

Multi Widget

Create a real-time letting viewers to scroll through real-time photos and posts relating to your brand.

Multi Photo Widget

Embed a real-time grid of your customer’s vibrant social media photos.


Build a stand-alone webpage from 150+ drag and drop modules. Create immersive experiences to support your digital campaigns or long-form content.

Influencer Leaderboard

Embed a leaderboard spotlighting the most influential social media users who are posting about your brand, hashtag, or any given keyword.

Heatmap Widget

Show a live heatmap of geo-tagged social media content posted from a specific area.

Form Field

Integrate custom contact forms into your web properties, emails, Zoomph visuals, and more to generate leads for your business.


Design a dynamic space where your customers can enter your custom contest, view entries, and vote.

Collage Widget

Embed a collage that displays real-time social content around any given topic, handle, or hashtag.

Vertical Collage

Customize a real-time social media collage that is oriented for a vertical screen.

Quad Collage

Build a full-screen, animated display that features social content three at a time.

Collage with Leaderboard

Gamify your events with a collage featuring your fans social media posts next to a leaderboard ranking the most influential audience members.

Exploding Collage

Showcase multiple photos and text posts in a dynamic social media collage with multi-sized tiles and text styles.

Collage Display

Display a collection of real-time social media photos and posts around any given topic, handle or hashtag

Classic Social Hub

Our most popular web visual--showcase user-generated content of all types (text, image, video) and customize your hub to match your brand aesthetics.

Avatar Ticker

Highlight the avatar photos of users who are engaging with your brand, hashtag, or specified keyword.

Avatar Map

Customize a map that features social content from around the world and keeps a live tally of activity in each location.