Social Polls & Questionnaires

Evolve past email surveys.

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Social media is today’s go-to forum for live reactions. Gain immediate feedback from your audiences by designing polls and questionnaires (Q&A) that engage users on their most active social media channels.

Create in Minutes

Building a poll with Zoomph is exceptionally easy. Use our ready-made visual templates to build a polling experience in minutes. Got a couple more minutes to spare? Access the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to fine-tune the details.

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Activate the Right Channels

Tailor your poll or survey to your channel-of-choice. Drive engagement from Twitter, Instagram, or both, and make it easy for participants to get their friends involved.

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Broadcast Anywhere

Our polls have been featured across jumbotrons and TV walls—we let you build the experience and command how far it goes.

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Collect Rich Analytics

Gain reports on the different demographics and personalities engaging with your poll. Learn how to retarget and optimize your polls so they reach the right people.

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