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Meet the friends of your friends. Gain insight into the shared interests, behaviors, and values unifying a person’s entire Twitter follower list, and find ways to expand your network.

Followers' Demographics

Run a report on virtually any Twitter handle to get a breakdown of their followers’ genders, generations, and ethnicities. Take special care that you and your influencers are engaging the right audiences on your Twitter channels.

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Followers’ Locations

Locate follower communities based on where they frequently tweet. Are they centralized in one location or spread out across the map? Drill down by country and region.

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Followers’ Top Bio Words

See the top words that people use to identify themselves in their Twitter bios. Gain vital insight into the types of professionals and personalities in your audience, and keep an eye out for new partnership or marketing opportunities.

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Followers’ Mutual Friends

Discover the most-followed people or brands among any Twitter list. Keep in mind that top mutual friends are normally the leaders and role models of a certain community. These are the people you can potentially reach, or partner with, by connecting with this Twitter community.

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Followers’ Associations

Find conversation starters and learn how to approach a new circle of people. Aggregate data on their top associations, then start discussion around topics that they care about.

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