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Take control of your customer segmentation and ad targeting.

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Find, develop, and analyze your target social media audience. Audience Builder combines first-party data with live social data to instantly pinpoint users whose interests align with your brand’s.

Analyze Various Consumer Segments

Audience Builder leverages our database of a quarter of a billion enriched social profiles to give you unprecedented insight into your consumers. Search our database of active social media users by simply defining the demographics, locations, and other characteristics of your target audience(s). Create multiple audiences to discover the differences between your consumers across multiple channels or target personas.

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Delve into Psychographic Data

Get an Audience Analysis report on every audience you create with Builder. Our analysis shows you the attitude of your audience across 190 predefined interests, alongside association and behavioral data. Explore traits that skew more toward your audience than a baseline group. Learn how to segment your marketing lists with greater accuracy and precision.

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Compare Multiple Campaign Audiences

Analyze leads from your marketing campaigns by uploading static lists to Builder. Start by running a social contest or a campaign like Zoomph’s contest microsite solution to generate a list of social handles to retarget. Then, upload the list to Audience Builder to see an analysis, or use our Audience Comparison tool to get a side-by-side comparison of any two campaign audiences.

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Integrate Data into Your CRM

Stream our audience data to your CRM or marketing automation platform. Get the rich, up-to-date data you need to segment your contacts or trigger social ads based on your consumers’ current interests and lifestyles. Get in touch with our data specialists or explore our various social data integrations.

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